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Natalie is qualified and insured to work as a Tutor for Hope College of Crystal Healing (HCCH) (an ACHO approved School), a Crystal Practitioner registered with ACHO (AP180002) and approved by HCCH, and a Reiki Therapist.  She is based and works in Cheshire as well as North Wales, Wirral, Merseyside and St Helens.  She runs Workshops and the Foundation Crystal Therapy Course (ACHO accredited) for HCCH in St Helens.  She lives in Cheshire with her husband, baby daugher, teenage step-daughter and two dogs.

Trained by Sandra Hope-Maskell, the Principle of Hope College of Crystal Healing, Natalie qualified as a Crystal Therapist in late 2011 after completing the ACHO Certificate Course in Crystal Therapy.  She further qualified as a Crystal Practitioner in early 2013 after completing the ACHO Diploma in Crystal Therapy.  Natalie is currently halfway through her Crystal Masters training.  In April 2016 Natalie became a Tutor for Hope College of Crystal Healing.  She runs NSMCT Workshops and the Foundation Crystal Therapy Course (ACHO accredited) for HCCH in St Helens.

Originally from Essex, where she worked as a Conveyancing Secretary, Natalie moved to the North West in 2008 after meeting her husband on a weekend away in Cornwall.  She joined a law firm in Chester and continued her career as a secretary in the same year.  In 2009, at 23 years old, Natalie suffered a heart attack after complications with influenza and was forced to make some difficult and life-changing decisions as returning to work full time was not an option due to a long recovery period.

Natalie had always felt drawn to the caring professions and after a lot of research and soul searching decided that she would like to become a therapist.  She spent nearly a year researching various specialities and always came back to Crystal Therapy.

Finding the right course was not easy – she did not feel comfortable with a distance learning or online course as she wanted to experience something hands on and practical.  Then she was introduced to Sandra Hope-Maskell by a mutual friend in 2010.  Natalie quickly enrolled in the two year ACHO Diploma in Crystal Therapy at Hope College of Crystal Healing.

Natalie says “The Diploma in Crystal Therapy has changed my life.  Sandra, through her passion, love and knowledge of crystals, together with her amazing teaching style, has made the decision to change my career seem so smooth and simple.  I really could not imagine doing anything else!  I love therapy and helping people; I love talking about crystals and am passionate about educating people about these amazing treasures of the Earth.  I can’t wait to start teaching!”

Sandra says “Natalie was a first class student at HCCH.  She has excelled in every subject area covered on the Diploma Course and her strong intuition combined with the knowledge and skills she has built up over the last five years leave me in no doubt that Natalie is an ideal Therapist for anyone wishing to receive Crystal Therapy.  VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!”

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