What is Crystal Therapy?


Our modern world would simply not be possible without crystals (minerals).  From computers to car engines, lasers to space shuttles – all have vital components made from crystals.  Due to their orderliness and the solidity of their atomic structure, when crystals are subjected to outside forces they make miniscule adjustments to re-establish their internal stability – this is what makes them vital to technology around the world today.


Crystal Therapy is a safe and non-invasive therapy that can be used alongside (but not as a substitute for) conventional medicine.  You do not need to remove and clothes and can choose to lie on a therapy couch, the floor or sit in a chair.


Crystal Therapy utilises ideas and methods from many cultures.  There has not been a historical period or culture that has not cherished crystals for their visual and mysterious properties.

 diopside The human body contains the same minerals as each piece of these amazing crystals, from the iron crystals in our blood to the minerals that crystallise our bones.  When a body is unwell or diseased it may be because the natural balance or rhythm has been lost, the energy system has become stagnant or developed blockages.  Crystals, the most orderly matter in the universe, with their perfect atomic structure and constant vibration, can offer patterns for the body to follow.

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